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Dear Valued Stakeholders,

Our company has embarked on a journey like no other—a venture that promises to redefine the way we connect with the world-renowned destination of Muktinath, not just as a physical place, but as a spiritual and cultural beacon. As we embark on this transformative cable car project spanning an impressive 84 kilometers, I want to share some thoughts and sentiments with all of you.

Muktinath holds a sacred place in the hearts of millions Hindus and Buddhist all over the world, and our cable car project aims to honor and amplify that sacredness. It’s a pilgrimage of the soul, an opportunity to undertake a spiritual and cultural voyage that transcends the physical journey itself. Our cable car is a bridge to the divine, a means for pilgrims to seek blessings, find solace, and connect with their faith.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our stakeholders, partners, government and the community for your unwavering support and trust in this sacred endeavor. Together, we are not just building a cable car; we are forging a path to spiritual enrichment and cultural preservation.

Warm regards,
Arun Kumar Subedi
Arun kumar subedi